Saturday, December 24, 2011

that line from Fried Green Tomatoes

You know that line in Fried Green Tomatoes when Ninny tells Evelyn that "friends, best friends" are the most important thing in life? Hot damn, that girl nailed it. There was a moment yesterday -- amid breathtaking laughter that nearly resulted in snorted coffee on a nearby piece of carrot cake -- that I looked at my life (aerial view-style) and thought about two things: One, there was no where else on this planet I wanted to be other than saddled side by side with my friend, snorting coffee. And two, that no matter how much "future trajectory" nervous nellies (ie. jobs, grad school, the like) occupy my thoughts -- there is nothing more life affirming, and really, nothing that feels so good as being with people I'm smitten with. When I gab with my friends, I don't doubt myself for a moment. I don't question where I'm at or what I'm doing because everything (think: stars aligned) seems clear: I am me, they are them, this moment is for us. I don't believe in being "Blessed," but I do believe (emphatically) in friends. I spent all of yesterday gabbing; I spent all evening laughing so hard I cried four times. (Today my abs hurt real bad.) And as I climbed into bed after the laugh-attacks, I rewound the day, like I always do - but my brain charged up rather than down. I felt like I was going to explode -- not from holiday fervor -- but from stretched-out moments with the simplest, arguably most-human purposes: to listen, to eye roll, to cuss with exuberance, to give, to hold hands, to be unhurried.


Gina said...

That movie is so full of wisdom! And I know EXACTLY what you are talking about :) ... especially remembering last Sunday, sitting in the ice cold afternoon, sipping delicious hot coffee, talking about everything WOMANLY. <3

Regina Rae said...

AMEN GINA! That convo was like... top 5 of 2011. I'm still charged with so much girl power, you have no idea.