Sunday, February 28, 2010

raring for spring planting!

Rainy today, but just about ready for tomato and pepper transplants, onion starts and trillions of carrots:
P.S. While the windows are fogged and skies grey, I'm off to soak up just a little more citrus with this sweet-something!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Late Seeding

Yesterday I seeded two flats of heirloom seed: Purple Top White Globe Turnip and Calabrese Broccoli. It's a little late to be planting these wintery greens, especially from seed. In fact, yesterday at the Santa Cruz farmers' market I filled my bag with turnips and broccoli - a sure sign that I should have been seeding a month and a half ago!

But, while we're in the midst of this interim limbo between winter and spring, I'm going to give these seeds a shot. As soon as the weather warms they'll bolt (or turn to seed) and taste awful. But, if luck goes my way, they'll grow into modestly small tubers and heads and we'll get to enjoy a few more cold weather dishes before launching headfirst into tomatoes, eggplants and melons!