Thursday, November 3, 2011


This morning I looked to my left and watched my pup fall asleep against my leg. She'd periodically open her eyes when a loud sound drifted in from outside the open window. Sometimes she'd raise her furry eyebrows and look at me, checking to see if I was on the move or staying put. I watched her chest rise and fall and her ears crinkle.

While human-dog relationships have their obvious limitations (although with her purring, we're not lacking on dialog), I love this little lady. I've never understood the term "best friend," because I have so many good ones and none of them rank higher than the next. But it's safe to say that she's my friend, we're smitten with one another (although perhaps I'm a little more so than she) and she's simply the best.

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Gina said...

Dogs are the most wonderful creatures on the planet. I know exactly what you mean about them being a mood changer. Millie is such a sweetie pie.