Wednesday, November 2, 2011

first day of vacation!

A few friends and I have been working on a handbook for new agrarian apprenticeships and it's going to the printers this morning. I've been chippin' away at this kick-tush assignment since June! At 11:49pm I converted the 76 page word document to a PDF; with a triumphant click of a button (and after a really long 16 megabyte moment), it puttered away into the ether.

I blinked at the computer screen for a couple minutes after the "SWOOOSH" -- the noise my iMail program makes when an email zips away. Faintly aware of stomach rumbles, I uncrossed my accordion legs and shuffled into the kitchen. I chugged some leftover smoothie, marveled at the hot water in the shower (still a delight), donned freshly folded PJs--smelling of lemon leaves from the line--and face-planted into bed.

Today I have no itinerary. I woke up to a light grey, pre-sunrise sky. I opened my bedroom window to let the cool air in and startled a rabbit who scampered East, down the wash behind my house. I nibbled coconut muffins and secretly allowed my dog to sleep on my "illegal" bed while my dad was out. I've been organizing, unpacking, filing, recipe-reading and recycling.

Today I'm dreaming of next week in Santa Fe and Albuquerque -- a whole week with a few spectacular friends and lots of agrarian nerds. To get in the mood, I've been listening to Heritage Radio Network. Last night Severine (of Greenhorns) featured my Trish and Jeremy and I just can't stop smiling, listening to Mr. Smith on repeat.

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Meg said...

Regina this is beautiful! Enjoy your time in the land of Enchantment!