Wednesday, June 9, 2010

what to do when tomatoes are growing out my ears:

I am taking any and all suggestions to help make a dent in my tomato pile. A few days ago I made stuffed tomatoes - nine of them - and, with the help of my obliging family, we polished them off in two days. I hacked up three of them in a tabbouleh salad and another four in the aforementioned bean salad... I might try stewed tomatoes next, but today I had a REVELATION.


I preheated the oven to 450 degrees. Meanwhile, I hacked up zillions of cherry tomatoes and some large, beefy guys, too. I arranged them side-by-side, cut-side-up on a baking sheet and drizzled a little olive oil, a generous splash of aged balsamic vinegar, minced heirloom garlic, sea salt, pepper and a scant teaspoon of evaporated cane sugar. Baked for 25 minutes while smoke billowed out of the sides of the oven (thank you, vinegar!). DA-Ang. I'm telling you, this might be my favorite tomato recipe to date. Smoky & savory - I nearly polished off the whole sheet pan!


Regina said...

Regina! I think I just read through your entire blog--I LOVE it. The pictures are exquisite. And even though I'm completely stuffed from dinner at the moment, I still wish tomatoes were growing out of my ears so I could make this right away!! Looks SO GOOD!

Love, Regina 2

Kate Logan said...

Maybe I'm being captain obvious here, but have you considered canning your tomatoes? Canning likely isn't appealing on these hot Arizona days, but you could enjoy them all winter long.