Monday, March 1, 2010


We nudged Ellie & Doober out of their hibernation in the ol' dog crate and let them scope out their new, shmancy-pants home!

P.S. Guess who we found in the back of their crate? A non-hibernating, sneaky roommate!


meghan urback said...

which one are you holding, ellie or doober? (are those really their names?!)

Regina Rae said...

Lord if I knew, HAN! My ma was holding this guy. (She thinks it was Ellie.) But frankly, I can't tell them apart any more - they've grown out of their once-distinguishing characteristics!

And yes - dear god - those are their names. They came into the world during the unfortunate period of time when I was feeling (ahem) a bit, shall we say, creative?