Thursday, January 21, 2010

[thunder booms] and garlic sprouts

Predicted snow-dusting in Tucson!? Big storms zooming over the Catalina's. Biking bummer, but my appetite for gloomy weather is like my appetite for dark chocolate - absolutely insatiable! Afternoon spent snuggled up on the sofa by the big windows with mug-after-mug of spicy tea, draped under a wool, multi-colored blanket with a fat book (fiction!).

In other news: our garlic has sprouted!

Dreamin' of margaritas...
Lime numbin's below:

The compost bucket is teaming with broccoli leaves, a few citrus rinds (that escaped the stewed-in-sugar experiment) and handfuls of squash skins. Warmer weather on the horizon and with it, amiable conditions for our compost bins! We're hoping for rich humus in time for our spring seedling grow-out (start date to be determined).

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