Sunday, January 17, 2010

Orangettes - Take One

It's mid-January and our 5 citrus trees are sagging with fat (and sort of wrinkly) lemons, bulbous grapefruits, sweet and small oranges and - bring the margaritas, baaabayy - little lime nubs and on another lime tree, yellow, lemon-look-alikes.

While the citrus juicer has been humming on a tri-weekly basis thanks to my mom's unquenchable juice craving, I've saved the discarded peels for my insatiable sweet teeth. With Julie & Julia rolling in the background for the umpteenth time, I've spent hours each week watching sugar and water faintly bubble on the back burner, lid balanced slightly off the pot while the steam escapes and the liquid thickens... I'm in the midst of a Candied Citrus Peel Extravaganza! My recipe needs tweaking - these orangettes (and grapefruit-ettes) are still a bit bitter - so to expedite the recipe turnover rate, I've resorted to polishing off the dregs of each batch (or in reality, the entire batch, save the initial, pucker-inducing taste-test) covered in melted chocolate over the double-boiler. (Heaven.)

Recipe coming soon - once perfected. Third trial this week!

In the meantime, slicing the last of the tomatoes, just picked from the vine (unbelievable! no hot-house!), slowly ripening on the counter-top.

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