Saturday, April 20, 2013

tip-toeing back into the kitchen

1. orange glory smoothie, with a bit of lime

2. a perfect boiled egg (after YEARS of kitchen-sulfur and rubber egg salad... I FINALLY GOT IT!)

3. granola revelation: citrus zest, agave & coconut flakes


Gina said...

Regina! What's in that egg salad! It looks tasty!! :)

Regina Rae said...

GINA! I can't stop eating this egg salad and I don't even like boiled eggs! (I know...)

Here's the thing. I like mayonnaise, apparently (who knew!?). Whatever it is (probably sugar) - it's like eight steps above plain yogurt. Second, dijon mustard and anything is delicious. (Except maybe chocolate sorbet.) Third, I have a ton of fresh herbs growing on my front porch so I threw all kinds into this salad (the usual parsley and thyme, but also basil!!) and it tastes so fresh. :-) I'm an egg salad convert!