Thursday, January 5, 2012


Despite the fact that I'm running on fumes (perpetuated by a caffeinated haze) and my arms are overcooked noodles or globby jello (thanks to Gina, who made a workout class two hours before sunrise sound like a good idea) -- it's warm outside, the house smells wonderful and my cousin is here. In a few, we're heading out to the basketball courts (for him) and pool (for me) and tonight we'll sit around and gab and eat cheesecake (him) and homemade tootsie rolls (me).

The house feels so full with an extra toothbrush on the counter and even more computer cords in the kitchen. Mille has glued herself to his side; every time he moves I hear her nails pitter-patter up and down the tile floor.



meghan urback said...

is than an ice rink in tucson?! is it plastic or something?

Regina Rae said...

HA! No! This photograph was taken a week or two ago in NYC.