Monday, July 18, 2011

NM 3rd week discoveries

Farmers' market flowers, staying fresh in a plastic-baggie pool of tap water.

P.S. I'm DOOMED! Just a spry 1 mile from my little casita is a bookshop where all books cost around a dollar. My Antonia (which I finished last night; a wonder!) was a mere 25 cents. I suppose it's a good thing I drove here...

Here's last Friday's loot. I think I'll start the Cormac McCarthy book next.
P.P.S. Forgive the iPhone blurries.

1 comment:

Korla said...

REG! I should be so doomed! (And I absolutely would be, too, if the bookstore that opened near my house while I was in Centroamerica sold used books.)

Those look like excellent finds. I hope you keep hitting the jackpot!