Monday, March 28, 2011


Two weeks ago the Fitz Fam commenced a garden overhaul! After harvesting all the arugula, rainbow chard, lettuce and radishes (leaving the carrots, leeks and cabbages to keep on growing), we prepped the beds for some new additions: seven heirloom tomato plants (including a GREEN ZEBRA! and CHEROKEE PURPLE!), a slew of herbs, one bell pepper, a zucchini and 260 onions!

Mom preps soil in the herb bed.

Pops looks in while Mille (longingly) looks out.

Today Mom and I planted the last of the sweet, red and yellow onions and we ripped up a shrimpy, disheveled-looking cabbage to make room for the bell pepper.

I can't wait to eat maiwa kumquats and striped tomatoes in April!

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