Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tucson's Solidarity Rally (at Campbell & Speedway Blvd)

The Tucson "Save the American Dream" rally took place at the intersection of Speedway Blvd. and Campbell Ave. and it was a rockin' success! Hundreds of folks gathered and the atmosphere was peaceful and positive.

At 12:30 (a half hour after it had officially "started") we started rotating corners, musical-chairs style. Here are some of the pics I took so you can get an idea of approximately 1/4 of the crowd. At this point the street corners were packed (even overflowing off the sidewalks, into bike lanes -- to worry of multiple police officers) and the energy started revving up. Dozens of huge truckers, hundreds of cars and even an ambulance honked for their support of public employees, worker unions and democracy. Arms waved out passing windows; many thumb's ups; hollers and cheers. Even though I think I'm going deaf in my left ear, the horn honks -- more than the signs, the cheering, the speakers -- really brought the crowd together with good energy.

A woman from handed out signs for us to display.

At 1pm we walked a few blocks South to the University Mall where we listened to speakers. Here are two shots from that chunk of the afternoon:

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