Wednesday, October 20, 2010

applesauce on the small gas burner

Ingredients: 8 small farmers' market apples (peeled & chopped), juice of 2 lemons, 1 spoonful maple syrup, pinch of all spice & ground cloves, spoonful of cinnamon.

Methods: Simmer & stir on low heat (I alternated with lid on and lid off, stirring constantly) for 30-40 minutes until broken down. Could whir in a blender for smoother consistency, but yesterday the chunks were fun.

Warm applesauce, straight out of the pan. (And I thought I hated applesauce? This was like another food group!)

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Korla said...

Aw, Reg, what great photos! I LOVE making applesauce. I may have to introduce this concept to centroamerica. (But I visited Minneapolis last week and ate apples almost as big as my head. It was glory.)